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This masterpiece by Max Hazan is one of the most intoxicating motorcycles in the world. Everything in the bike was built around the engine. It all started with the powerplant, and Hazan carefully crafted each comprising piece to create the Musket; a weapon of war for the streets.

The Engine

How do you build a complete motorcycle around an engine? Precisely; why? Because it's a gem of an engine. It was Hazan's lifelong dream to build this motorcycle, even before he built motorcycles for a living. The beautiful V-Twin engine is built out of two single cylinder Royal Enfield 500cc engines. It is a work of art; hand-carved out of a wooden block, hand-casted and then hand-machined by Aniket Vardhan himself. The result was the glorious 1000cc Musket V-Twin engine.

The Look

The Musket has a massive engine, so it requires a massive frame to hold it in place when ripping the throttle. It took Max four different sets of tires before finally settling on the BF Goodrich Silvertown ones. These wheels are made for cars, but because the frame and engine are so massive, they truly look in place. All of the electronics and wirings are carefully hidden under the frame, creating a flush and elegant look. Even the handlebar features an internal throttle cable, hand shifter and clutch to get rid of overcomplications in the lower controls. A cut-up battery by Antigravity was fitted into the bespoke fuel tank and the rest of the electronics were housed under the engine.

The Build

Max Hazan has a tendency to create every little thing by hand. The only thing he bought for this bike were the tires, wheels and the headlight. Starting off by mounting the engine on his workbench, he began sketching his vision of the Musket. The sketch is then used as a reference for measurements when cutting the material. After hiding away all the cabling and electronics, Max cut into the primary drive and move everything outwards for a disc brake in the transmission. The tank and fenders were shaped from .16 or .18 gauge 6061 aluminium, and the frame is built with 7/8-1 1/4" steel tubing. He built the tank to accentuate the engine without cluttering the view of cylinder heads and rockers. It served as a challenge for Max, creating a thin polished aluminium tank and fender from scratch. It took numerous attempts to get these right due to the thickness of the metal. Then, Max created the forks himself. Built with the concept of having tension instead of compression allowed him to use thinner steel. Bearing bronze was used for the shocks and forks. Max created a beautiful wooden seat out of beautifully aged walnut that elegantly sits beside the tank. The seat was coated in around 15 layers of polyurethane lacuqer and polished to mirror levels. 

Materials Aluminium, bearing bronze, walnut wood

Battery Antigravity

Forks Hand-made

Shocks Hand-made

Engine Royal Enfield "Musket" 1000cc V-Twin

Power 55hp

Compression ratio 6.5:1


  • $ 180,000.00