HERVET Manufacturier x TheArsenale Edition Skateboard-TheArsenale Edition-TheArsenale
OJ Wheels
Wood layers

HERVET Manufacturier x TheArsenale Edition Skateboard | SOLD OUT

A collaboration between exquisite woodwork shop Hervet Manufacturier and the curator of mobility, TheArsenale; this special edition skate unites the craftsmanship of Hervet with the exclusivity of TheArsenale.

$ 801.00
Realeased by TheArsenale Edition

The Hervet Process

Hervet Manufacturier is a French furniture designer and manufacturer. They manufacturing processes include an incredible amount of attention paid to detail, ensuring every little detail comes out perfectly. Inspired by modern geometry, their designs are often not curvaceous; instead they have bold lines. Being completely hand-made, this unique skateboard is built with the ultimate craftsmanship, using the best woods in France. It comes in a limited production run to ensure the highest quality possible.

TheArsenale Treatment

TheArsenale is the world's leading curator of mobility; selecting the best objects of motion in all four planes; Earth, Sea, Air and Beyond. Our constant seek for perfection in mobility has lead us to collaborate with Hervet on this unique skateboard. The expertise and craftsmanship of Hervet was the best way to start a collaboration like this, so TheArsenale decided to instill its DNA into the skateboard. The skateboard is painted in a dark black with laser cut logos and a full laser cut front pattern with TheArsenale logo.

The Magnificent Result

What do you get when you blend state-of-the-art craftsmanship and build quality with an extravagant design? An object of art and desire. The black wheels, trucks and bearings add to the overall flair of the board. The fully laser etched logos in the front give identity to the board, completing its flamboyant character. While it may look to good to be taken out for a skate, it is completely able to. It is a tribute to the advance of mobility, how humans learned to create the wheel and grow around it. 

HERVET Manufacturier x TheArsenale Edition Skateboard-TheArsenale Edition-TheArsenale

Dimensions 730 mm x 155 mm x 10mm

Bearings SpeedFire

Wheels OJ Wheels

Trucks ACE

Production By request, 4-6 weeks

HERVET Manufacturier x TheArsenale Edition Skateboard-TheArsenale Edition-TheArsenale

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