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Herencia Custom Garage

Honda CBX1050 Streetfighter #36

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Based on one of the most legendary super sport motocycles of the late 70s; the CBX1000, this project by Herencia Custom Garage brings this classic powerhouse to today's power standards. This creation by Federico Lozada and German Karp was made with heritage in mind; respecting the vintage sporty look of the Honda CBX1000.


When Federico and German first got this motorcycle into their shop, they decided to ask experienced friends who had previously owned this motorcycle to find out more about its weak points and strengths. The obvious strength is the engine; a beefy inline six with 105 bhp. Even by today's standards, that's quite a respectable number. Weaknesses hid in the front end, where the brakes could not sustain the power of the beast. The frame and the forks also couldn't handle the heavy load, so they had to be reworked.


There was quite a lot of body work to be done to replace the old pieces and parts from the motorcycle that could not handle the load of the engine; starting with the front and back end. They ripped these pieces of a Yamaha Fazer8 and began working on adapting those to fit the classic CBX. Forks, front wheels and brakes were easily installed in the front but the rear of the bike was not so easily susceptible. The rear swingarm was shortened 16cm to maintain the axle to axle ratio, and despite being shortened; it maintained the same standard length after the replacement. They also had to widen the rear frame for the new swingarm and new suspension mounts for the monoshock setup were installed with adjustable height. To further reinforce the rear end; they cut off the original motor mounts and replaced them with custom CNC-machined brackets. The tank received a new cap and vent from a VFR400 and the tail was shortened and a new custom leather seat was installed. Even the huge square taillight is present; but it is upgraded with LEDs to give a futuristic look while maintaining its classic shape.


Performance is an obvious factor to this motorcycle so it did not go unnoticed. Six new Keihin CR carbs were installed in the inline-6 monster to replace the now thirty-year old carbs. All of the cylinders have their own exhaust; resulting in a complicated six-into-six exhaust system. The stainless steel tubing of the exhaust system was so massive that they had to relocate the side stand to the front of the bike. Electronically the bike was reworked and treated with simplicity in mind; replacing the stock battery with a lighter Lithium-ion battery from Antigravity. To power up the motorcycle, an aircraft-style button is mounted on the oil cooler mount and using a push-button you can start it. The bars are full of mini-switches that organize the controls in a minimal way. The dashboard features a Koso speedometer, ProTaper clamps, bars and grips. Hand and foot controls were ripped off the Fazer too. The devil is in the details; and that's where Herencia shines. A discreet Lexan shield is installed in the front of the rear tire and a one-off rear chain ring was machined to fit the Fazer wheel.

Engine Inline-6 1000cc

Carbs Keihin CR

Clamps ProTaper

Dashboard Koso

Suspension Yamaha Fazer8

Battery Antigravity

Grips ProTaper

Bars ProTaper

Honda CBX1050 Streetfighter #36
  • $ 55,463.00