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Herencia Custom Garage

Honda VFR400 Tracker #28

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Coming from the impressive Argentinian crew over at Herencia, this custom VFR400 is a beautifully grotesque custom motorcycle. Based upon a 1985 VFR400, the stock bike has been completely turned into a raw tracker.

The whole body is covered in sheer aluminium that is joined together by visible welding. This is not by accident or lack of craftsmanship, quite the contrary. This VFR400 Tracker is built with rebellion in mind, a free expression of the sheer brutality of the motorcycle. The frame of the motorcycle is visible in the sides and it has been beautifully engraved with the number 28. Other details include the quote "Ride and Destroy" somewhere under the radiator.  It marks the project number of the motorcycle, project #28 by Herencia Custom Garage.

Honda VFR400 Tracker #28
  • $ 43,138.00