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500 HP

Rezvani Tank

Rezvani Motors had one mission in mind when creating the Tank; the closest experience possible to a jet on wheels. The Tank comes with multiple options that include bulletproofing, a 500 HP engine, extreme off-road suspension and much more. This version of the Tank is the best one you can get with all the extras. For more information, contact us.

$ 245,000.00
Realeased by Rezvani Motors


The Rezvani Tank aims to be the most capable vehicle on and off-road. It is built to handle the toughest of terrains and look like the toughest machine on the road in the mean time. The core Tank features a 3.6L V6 with 285 HP, more than enough to plow through all sorts of land. It features a 6 Speed Automatic gearbox for a smooth power delivery and intelligent torque management. 


The Rezvani Tank is unlike anything on the road. Unmatched to any sort of SUV, it features a unique mixture of ruggedness, futurism and luxury. This unorthodox combination results in a very unique look. The headlights are tucked inside an aggressively designed grille and the Rezvani logo can be found printed on the quad front grille. In the sides, a sculpted bodywork carefully carves into the wheel arches; creating an aggressive side profile. The black wheels paired with the treaded tires make for an extreme off-roading look; all while looking like a luxurious SUV.


The Rezvani Tank is an already incredible package from the start but the optional offerings are where it really shines. There is a number of choices for the external color so you can really tailor it to your choice. The wheels can be painted in a Black or Dark Gray color; brushed aluminum by standard. You can choose a Ballistic Armor package; making the Tank suitable for military operations. It comes in 3 different trim levels; B4 Hand Gun Protection, B6 Assault Rifle Protection and B7 Armor Piercing Rounds. You can also install a Thermal Night Vision System for night operations. A Tow Package is also possible with a Front Winch and a rear mounted tow hitch. To add to the capabilities of the Tank, you can add a Convenience Package that Includes Automatic Retracting Side Steps and a Heads Up Display. For the engine, you can choose an optional 6.4L 500 HP V8 for insane power. For transmissions, you can choose manual or automatic depending on your preference; at no added cost. Two suspension packages are offered; Off Road Suspension and Extreme Off Road Suspension. An optional R1 Brake System is available with 16 inch rotors and 8 piston brake calipers. The interior can also be heavily customized and you can opt for a Full Leather Interior that comes in Black, Camel or Red. If you prefer extra flair, you can also add Colored Stiching, all by hand. You can also choose the optional Leather floor mats with a unique design and hand stitching. For the interior, you can choose an Alpine Apple Car sound system with premium sound quality. Accessories are also offered; with a weatherproof car cover being available and a CTEK 4.3 battery trickle charger.

Rezvani Tank-Rezvani Motors-TheArsenale

Engine 3.6 L V6 285 HP / 6.4 L V8 500 HP*

Transmission 6 Speed Manual/Automatic

Suspension Standard/Off-Road Suspension*/Extreme Off Road*

Wheel Colors Brushed Aluminum/Black*/Grey Anodized*

Interior Standard/Leather/Colored Stitching*/Leather Floor Mats*

Brakes R1 Braking System*

Sound Alpine Apple Car Play Unit*

Rezvani Tank-Rezvani Motors-TheArsenale

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