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Strakell Motorcycles

Strakell Reda

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Vehicle Description

This amazing bike by Strakell Motorcycles is built like a piece of art, focusing on the areas that matter the most. The original bike is a 1995 Triumph 900 Sprint equipped with a 3-cylinder engine. The end result is impressively built mostly by hand with only metal and leather. Everything is integrated to work flawlessly with the original engine. The work of Strakell Motorcycles has been to further enhance the engine and make it a central element with all the rest that it integrates with it. The LED lights in the rear are integrated inside the tail and look like something from the future. In short, the team at Strakell Motorcycles made something unique and impressive while maintaining the classic vibe of a Triumph. 

Build and Specifications

So, the bike is basically a Triumph 900 sprint (trident, 3 cylinders) of 1995, 92cv, weight 210kgs, redone from A to Z, it totals to date 10kms.
The bike originally had two big flaws, the weight and the center of gravity, so the original idea was to reduce the height, reduce the weight and keep a maximum of original parts.
The rear shock has been changed to a better quality part (shock factory) and to reduce the seat height by 3 cms.
The whole tank, saddle, jump wind, are made of aluminum and shaped by hand, the color was chosen voluntarily to preserve the spirit of origin.
The exhausts are polished stainless steel manufactured by hand.
The saddle is in leather and the handles.
Only the painting and upholstery were made by outside craftsmen.
Present at the wheels and waves 2018 and the cafe racer festival where she won the 3rd place of the competition of the most beautiful preparations.
It is equipped with a T & T electronic counter, turn signals at the end of the handlebars, rear led lights with integrated turn signals, mini battery solise, remote controls Rizoma, led headlight integrated into the wind jump.

Strakell Reda
  • $ 37,500.00