Super Yacht Sub 3-U-Boat Worx-TheArsenale

Super Yacht Sub 3

Compact and luxurious private submarines especially designed to fit aboard superyachts, the Super Yacht Sub series opens the world beneath the waves to yacht owners. The Super Yacht Sub 3 offers best-in-class performance and has set the standard with successful delivery to several iconic superyachts.

$ 2,900,000.00
Released by U-Boat Worx

Clearest View

Thanks to the ground breaking pressure hull design; you can enjoy a virtually unimpeded view in every seat of the submarine. Everyone on board can enjoy the secrets of the deep at any angle without any fuss. 

Unparalleled Comfort

The U-Boat Worx Super Yacht Sub 3 was built with the intention to create the ultimate luxurious interior. Soon as you enter the Super Yacht Sub 3, you will be able to enjoy exhilarating views from a sumptuous chair in a comfortable air-conditioned environment with variable airflow that can be adjusted from each seat. A hi-fidelity Bluetooth sound system has also been installed so you can enjoy music in the depths of the sea while also enjoying a chilled drink in the cold-storage box.

Unrivaled Adaptability

The Super Yacht Sub 3 outperforms on every level - flexibility, agility, economy and power. The exceptional submersible features the Freeboard Extender and many other small engineering solutions.

Ever Ready

Designed from concept to be dive-ready, U-Boat Worx has kept pre-dive checks to the safest minimum, allowing for quick and easy deployment.

Super Yacht Sub 3-U-Boat Worx-TheArsenale

Depth 100/200/300 Meters

Occupants 1 Pilot, 2 Passengers

Endurance 12 Hours

Speed 3 Knots

Weight 3,800 Kg

Width 244 cm

Length 320 cm

Height 174 cm

Battery Capacity 21 kWh 

Propulsion 2x5.5 kW + 2 x 6.4 kW 


Super Yacht Sub 3-U-Boat Worx-TheArsenale

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