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Tempus X TheArsenale - "The Rotor"

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Welcome to the futuristic timepiece collection of lighting artist and designer Ben Rousseau.

The Innovation of Time-Telling

Venture into the realm of avant-garde design with "The Rotor" - a unique timepiece, brought to life by the creative genius Ben Rousseau and the collaboration between Tempus and TheArsenale, maestros of motion luxury vehicles. The Rotor, part of the collector's edition lineup, revolutionizes the concept of time-telling. By eliminating numbers and hands traditionally associated with clocks, Tempus revolutionizes time indication by utilizing an entrancing light display that cycles through twelve hours in real-time. The spell-binding formation of light constructs time in a manner that's not just visually captivating, but therapeutically calming as well.

Limited Edition Art in Motion

The Rotor is not just an ordinary timepiece; it stands as a kinetic art piece, ideally suited for both residential and commercial settings, a perfect substitute for a conventional statement piece of art. This collection features a one-of-a-kind light pattern inlaid in machined carbon steel glass artwork, embellished with genuine 23ct gold leaf branding. It comes ensconced within a brushed aluminum frame which boasts a brass tint and a signature crown, encapsulating the beauty of functional design. The product comes packaged in an exclusive branded flight case, increasing its chic appeal and preserving its luxury.

Product Features & Availability

Constructed from robust materials like glass, aluminum, and LEDs, The Rotor ensures standout longevity. It measures an impressive 710mm x 710mm x 180mm, making it an eye-catching installation in any space. As an item of exclusivity, The Rotor runs a limited availability of just twelve units. Please note that upon order placement, the delivery lead time can range between 12-20 weeks, which is a testament to the meticulous effort and craftsmanship that goes into each piece. Experience time as kinetic art with The Rotor, a beautiful piece befitting the 21st-century ambiance.




DIMENSIONS 710mm x 710mm x 180mm

DELIVERY 12-20 Weeks

MATERIALS Glass/Aluminium / LED's

MADE IN United Kingdom

Tempus X TheArsenale - "The Rotor"
  • $ 12,900.00