The Throwback-EQUUS-TheArsenale
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Top Speed
Limited Edition
25 Cars

The Throwback

A new king sits on the throne. A redefinition of Americas most iconic muscle car featuring the signature fastback shape. Maximum power, stability, and quality.

On demand
Released by EQUUS

The Ultimate Corvette

The Throwback is an amazing machine created by the talented team at Equus. After the success of their Bass770, they decided to venture new possibilities. This is how The Throwback was born. With a limited production of 25, The Throwback should be in every garage of any muscle car enthusiast. The car can be customized for the design-oriented drivers or for a fantastic on-track performance. With a carbon-fiber bespoke frame and body, and tailored leather interior make this car the ultimate Corvette. The interior cabin is Alcantara leather wrapped by hand with tastefully chosen pelts and delicately highlighted by bright metal accents. 


Equus is the American equivalent of European aftermarket specialists like Brabus(Mercedes-Benz) or Alpina(BMW). With unparalleled performance, The Throwback will crush any other car on the racetrack. The car has a scary acceleration, which can hit 0-60mph in just 2.5 seconds making it quicker than a Lamborghini Huracan. Also, its tremendous engine can output up to 1000hp and a maximum speed of 220mph.
The customization and personalization opportunities are endless.

The Throwback-EQUUS-TheArsenale


Power 1000 HP

Torque 822 lbs

Top Speed 220 mph - 355 kph

0 to 60 mph 2.5s

Limited Edition 25 Cars


The Throwback-EQUUS-TheArsenale

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