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Viks GT Raw

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Following its GT heritage, the Viks GT Raw features an aggressively sculpted frame and a raw metallic finish. 

Originally, The Viks Raw was a collaboration project with a London based company called Artisan Werks. That frame remains among the top sellers, and the clients can see how to frame was built under the clear coat. The simplest Viks framesets are built from 60 separate pieces of steel. 

The GT frame was tested on stainless steel despite being planned to be built out of aluminium alloy only. A fan asked if they could build the RAW version in the GT shape, and so Viks delivered. This is how the GT RAW was conceived. Viks really cares about the opinions of their fans and clients, and this is how they created one of their most stunning bikes. By listening to their fans, Viks has managed to create unique bikes for everyone, not just bricks in a wall.
Thanks to the WTB Horizon tires, the GT Raw is comfortable in any kind of urban terrain. Be that cobblestone, dirt, gravel, asphalt or park roads; the ride quality won't be compromised. The tires' distinct shape forced Viks to adjust the frame a bit, making space for these amazing tires. 
Viks GT Raw
  • $ 5,774.00