1972 AMC Javelin AMX "Defiant!"

1972 AMC Javelin AMX "Defiant!" - TheArsenale

Wisconsin based Ringbrothers know a thing or two about building mean muscle cars. Commissioned by Prestone, they created a monstrous AMC Javelin with a gorgeous BASF Jalop Gold finish. 

1972 amc javelin amx defiant front view

Let's deal with the elephant in the room, its name. We guess it is caleld that because of the Wegner Motorsports 6.2-liter Hemi Mopar Hellcat engine coupled to a 4.5-liter Whipple Supercharger. Combined, they have an output of 1,036 raging stallions. To deliver all this power without separating the body from the engine bay, a high performance QA1 Carbon Fiber driveshaft is mated to a Bowler automatic transmission. A new Dodge Hellcat radiator and fan makes sure that the car doesn't melt itself from the power, running Prestone Antifreeze. 

1972 amc javelin amx defiant frontal

The body has been extended with a Camaro-intended subframe by Detroit Speed Hydroformed. A Detroid Speed rack and pinion steering, together with front sway bars and RideTech shocks make this beast handle like a dream, providing a buttery smooth ride. The front suspension is reinforced by a Chevy 12-bolt rear end tailor fitted to a custom four-link suspension, built in-house by Ringbrothers. "Defiant!" uses HRE Performance Wheels sized at 20x11 in the front and 20x13 in the rear. High performance Michelin tires have been used to keep this beast on the road when flat-footing it. To handle more than 1,000hp, a set of six-pistol caliber Baer brakes are installed. Just in case. 

1972 amc javelin amx defiant side shot

But the interior hasn't been left behind at all. A Kicker sound system is installed even though we'd rather listen to the engine rumble. Upholstery Unlimited provided the custom interior seats that match perfectly with the Classic instrument gauges.