The New Tomcar TX ATV is an Offroading Beast

The New Tomcar TX ATV is an Offroading Beast - TheArsenale

Designed for the Israeli Armed Forces, the Tomcar is one of the best ATVs you can get your hands on. The TX iteration however, takes this beast of an offroader and rises it to a whole other level. 

Being a utilitarian vehicle, it does not differ in terms of trim levels but in terms of layout. The TX3 is a two-seater with a pickup bed, the TX4 is a four-seater and the TX-5 is another two-seater with a shorter wheelbase. With 17 inches of ground clearance and 2500 pounds of payload capacity, these ATVs can travel through all terrains with ease. The chassis has been fully welded on and it integrates a roll cage that is covered by a lifetime warranty. This whole package costs you only $37,000 USD and it offers offroading capabilities that you will simply not find anywhere else.