2033 Cosmic Motors Galaxion 3000 Coupe by Daniel Simon

2033 Cosmic Motors Galaxion 3000 Coupe by Daniel Simon

Daniel Simon is quite a known name when it comes to design; his presence can be seen in both Hollywood studios and movies and video gaming industries. One of his most interesting design concepts dates back from 2013 and it's called Cosmic Motors. 


The cars of Cosmic Motors are future car that are capable of flying, hypersonic speed, advanced racing technology and sometimes even weapon systems. The Galaxion 3000 is such a car; designed with a combination of a luxurious coupe blended with a supercar made for the racetrack; sprinkled with some classic Bugatti vibes on top. Powered by a "Xenoranium Fusion Reactor CM980", the car reaches speeds of up to 330 mph thanks to the 1840 HP available. 


The body of the car is built out of advanced bio-fibers that offer incredible rigidity and durability that knocks steel out of the park. Side mounted antennas provide communication and telematic services anywhere in the universe (this is a future car after all). Scissor doors are an absolute must; mounted vertically on alloy cantilever hinges. Indoors; a two-seat layout offers generous leg and shoulder room with a reclined seating position. 


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