Allrover Stair-Rover Longboard

Allrover Stair-Rover Longboard - TheArsenale

If there is one thing that skateboards and longboards can't deal with; it's stairs. After a three-year development stage, Allrover created a longboard that can tackle bumpy cobblestone roads and stairs alike.

The Stair-Rover has a very unique design, and uses eight wheels instead of the traditional four. So how is it possible to ride down stairs with the Stair-Rover? Thanks to the ingenious V-Frame design and shock absorbers; this longboard can greatly reduce the amount of shock transmitted to the feet of the rider. This guarantees a smooth ride even when skating down stairs. The 60mm 80a wheels are connected to the board via heavy-duty V-frames. 

Built out of thermoplastic, the chassis is able withstand substantial shock through any kind of rough terrain. The unique configuration of the Stair-Rover with its 8 wheels and the V-frame connections make it able to glide effortlessly through any urban environment. The deck is built out of ply maple wood and it also incorporates a handle into it; so carrying this 9lb board around shouldn't be a problem.