Alpine A110 S Coupe - Lighter, Faster, Better

Alpine A110 S Coupe - Lighter, Faster, Better - TheArsenale

Alpine had a notable comeback with their A110 and now they are back to improve their winning platform. Their four banger is now upgraded with a turbocharger to bump up the power to 288, which is relatively not a big number; but when paired to the incredibly lightweight car means loads of fun in curves.

To make the car even more nimble, an upgraded suspensions system was installed that keeps the car planted to the ground in the sharpest of corners. The roof is now built out of carbon fiber to shave even more weight. Fuchs alloy wheels, Brembo brakes and bi-material rotors lead to a featherweight car that's correct to the perky roots of the Alpine sports cars. 

The interior has been covered in a lavish Dinamica upholstery that contrasts beautifully with orange stitching. This special edition of the A110 will enter the market in late 2019, except for the US market which once again fails to get a taste of the mid-engined French delight.