Analogue Holy Grail NT "Noir"

Analogue Holy Grail NT "Noir" - TheArsenale

The retro gaming industry is almost nonexistent, with the biggest nostalgia-driven projects being carried out by enthusiasts rather than companies. It doesn't mean that there aren't any but there certainly aren't any like Analogue. 

To honor the legendary NES, they built the Holy Grail Nt console that brings the iconic classic into a high-end machine full of style and memories. The machine is going out of production and Analogue decided to do it with style, releasing a farewell limited "Noir" edition. It boasts all the features of the previous console with HDMI output, wired and wireless controller supper, a multi-region power supply as well as two ports for Nintendo and Famicom games. The "Noir" was up for pre-order but it sold out as in the blink of an eye.