Anicorn X TheArsenale

Anicorn X TheArsenale - TheArsenale

Anicorn Watches and TheArsenale™ share the same visual philosophy of maximizing quality with minimal design: basically being more with less. Anicorn’s uncluttered design is inspired by the simplicity and utilitarian functionality of the modernist architecture.


The innovative concentric discs dial system is a one-of-a-kind feature in the wristwatch industry and it promises to become the very next trend in the timepiece sector. It’s not a coincidence, in fact, that many great artists and brands decided to put on a collaboration with the Hong-Kong Company, including Highsnobiety, Nasa, Philip Colbert and Daniel Arsham (whose art works are major pieces in our concept store in Miami Design District, TheArtpark).

Attention to detail is their priority, as well as guaranteeing to the customer the best product they can provide. Even numerals are carefully developed, working together with world renowned typographers.


Anyway Anicorn’s brand signature is the handless dial: the 3 discs, one for each unit of time, shape a multi-space structure to indicate the trails of time. Further, the swiss designed automatic mechanism, makes of the Anicorn one of the cheapest mechanical wristwatches currently on the market, despite being a grown-men toy still.

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