The manufacturing and automation sector is preparing to welcome a new and innovative addition, the Apollo, a highly optimized general purpose humanoid robot. Apollo has been developed as a result of Apptronik's rich expertise and experience in building over ten previous robots, including NASA's Valkyrie robot. Expected to serve in numerous sectors in the near future, such as warehouses, manufacturing plants, construction, oil and gas, retail, home delivery, and elder care, Apollo's design uniquely blends friendly interaction, mass manufacturability, high payloads, and safety. With a height of 5'8", weight of 160 lbs, and payload capacity of 55 lbs, Apollo can work continuously for four hours with each battery pack, helping it seamlessly integrate into a variety of industries.

Apollo's design is innovatively modular, allowing it to be mounted to any mobility platform, whether stationary or fully mobile with legs. The distinctive character feature is its intuitive interaction capability. Equipped with LEDs in the head, mouth, and chest that collaborate to communicate its status, this robot is a technological marvel. The battery life of this celestial namesake is facilitated by hot-swappable battery packs, featuring a four-hour runtime. This allows Apollo to continue working with just a simple battery change instead of requiring a plug-in charge during which it is not operational. For unlimited operation, if desired, Apollo can be plugged into charge or tethered.

Incorporating safety as a paramount aspect, Apollo benefits from Apptronik's unique advanced force control architecture that provides safe movement around humans. The behavior of Apollo can be adjusted according to the outer zone and the presence of objects to provide a safe working environment. Further, Apollo spontaneously pauses any movement when it detects moving objects in the impact radius. In terms of software capabilities, Apollo offers intuitive software and hot-swappable battery packs, enabling seamless operations. Expected tasks that Apollo can excel in include trailer unloading, case picking, palletization, machine tending, workcell delivery, among others. These features make Apollo a promising solution, transforming operations across various sectors.