Aprilia SXV - The forgotten champion

Aprilia SXV - The forgotten champion - TheArsenale

The supermoto is a sort of hybrid competition, similar to motocross, or American supercross, ran with off-road motor-bikes mounting street tires. Actually representing what seems to be the natural evolution of dirt track races, it's born approximately in the late ‘90s, in a few years it became almost popular as motocross itself and most of the motorcycles companies were producing their own supermoto models.

Because of their off-road derivation, supermotards were usually between 250 and 600cc engined, light and sharp. In 2002 was inaugurated the S1 Supermoto World Championship and brands like Husqvarna or TM Racing quickly standed out for their motorsport results, also getting sales benefits.


Winning the championship for 4 years straight, from 2004 to 2008, the Aprilia SXV immediately became the emblem of a winning brand in a tough men competition. Also the SXV got everyone’s attention because of its amazing look an its unusual mechanical features: the bike benefited of a high rigidity because of the perimeter frame and the modular-case swingarm, much more effective than every off-road derived type of chassis. This type of frame was never mounted on a supermotard before, as well as the twin cylinder engine, more powerful and with a more uniform power delivery.


The road legal version raised the curiosity and, unfortunately, the skepticism of the public, right for its unusual features. Furthermore it proved to be very unreliable and it ended being a commercial failure despite the iconic aura around it, due to its racing success. Such an unworthy ending for a brave and unique motorcycle like this.