Ares Brings Coachbuilding Back with the 760HP X-Raid

Ares Brings Coachbuilding Back with the 760HP X-Raid - TheArsenale

Ares Design is the newest coachbuilding company with its headquarters in Modena, Italy. Modena is well known for being the birthplace of many legendary sports cars so the location is a perfect choice.

Created by ex-Lotus boss Dany Bahar, Ares Design wants to offer a modern solution to the forgotten art of coachbuilding. The first vehicle released is called the X-Raid and is a 760hp monster based on a Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG. It features a carbon fiber and aluminum body to shave off weight. Over 200 kgs were lost in this process. Most of the parts have been re-designed; including headlights, rear lights, side skirts, front bumper, rear bumper and much more. 

Powered by a tuned version of the already insane 5.5L V8 engine, the X-Raid has a power output of 760hp and a top speed of 155mph. The exterior and performance are not the only things that got upgraded; the interior received the Ares treatment as well. Instead of the traditional G-Wagen AMG steering wheel, a new sports one has been installed. The dashboard has been completely replaced to provide the driver with a state of the art driving experience. Everything is covered in luxurious nappa leather and there is even a single VIP seat in the back. 

Dany Bahar said that the objective of Ares Design is to provide a unique offer for car enthusiasts. Soon after the X-Raid orders were commissioned; plans for other vehicles like a Mulsanne Coupe were revealed. Many famous names have joined the party with the likes of Andrea Galletti, ex-head of R&D of Pagani. As a car enthusiasts himself, Bahar states that creating Ares is a dreaming coming true for him.