Aria FXE - America Can Do Exotics Too

Aria FXE - America Can Do Exotics Too - TheArsenale

Released by Californian Aria, their newest supercar called the FXE is a road-shredding hybrid machine that's hungry for speed in a typical exotic Italian manner.

The FXE uses a 6.2L supercharged V8 and two front electric motors, totaling to 1150 horsepower. Electric motors are powered by a Lithium Ion 10kWh battery. Torque is just as insane with 1316 lb.-ft. pulling you around at your foot's request. It uses a carbon fiber monocoque chassis, carbon fiber panels and the metallic parts are 3D printed. This makes the FXE weigh only 3450 pounds, relatively lightweight considerings its massive powerplant.

The Aria FXE has 265 width Pirelli Trofeo RS 20-inch wheels in the front and 325s on 21-inch wheels in the back. All the power requires some serious rubber to handle so Pirelli was the right choice. 0-100 time is only 3.1 seconds and the seven speed dual-clutch transmission provides smooth gear shifting. For the best experience we recommend using manual shifting as there's nothing more rewarding than shifting through the gears of an insane supercar like this. 

Until now, there is no price released but it's quite sure that it's going to burn a hole through your wallet. We wouldn't mind forking out the cash for it though.