Astro Elroy Drone Brings The Future of Flight Closer

Astro Elroy Drone Brings The Future of Flight Closer - TheArsenale

The Astro Elroy Passenger drone is equipped with high-end technologies like Adaptive Flight Control, Fiber Optic Internal Communications, and Field Oriented Motor Control.

This drone has a really unique design with a full carbon body and also has a wide cabin glass with a 360° view. The Elroy Passenger Drone can carry up to two passengers and it is small enough to fit into most garages. The Astro Elroy was originally announced in July 2017 since then it has passed a few tests like flight test, intensive performing testing with different simulated payload weights, different control modes and simulated engine failures. This Drone is designed to be quiet and produce very little vibration.

Elroy Drone's maximum speed is 45mph and weighs around 240 kg (empty). The only thing that you have to do after you jump in the Drone is just put the destination using a touchscreen interface and a 4G network will handle the rest. Equipped with 16 individual rotors, Astro Elroy is really quiet and allows you to have a smooth flight. The future of personal flight is here.