Avtoros Shaman 8x8 All-Terrain Vehicle

Avtoros Shaman 8x8 All-Terrain Vehicle - TheArsenale

The "Shaman" is the mother of all ATVs coming straight from Russia, with an extremely rugged exterior that masterfully hides the luxurious and dynamic interior.

This monstrous ATV has a closed frame that protects the components of the transmission, giving it unmatched off-road capabilities thanks to the independent suspension for each of the wheels. The wheels have low pressure tires that make it easy to travel through rivers, tundra, marshes and shallow lakes. When fully submerged under water, an optional screw-propeller can enhance the naval speed of the Shaman to 4.3mph. Thanks to the boat-shaped frame reinforced with high-performance water pumps, it can safely remove up to 200 liters per minute from the frame. The Shaman has an optimal size that doesn't obstruct other drivers on the road. While it is a considerably large vehicle, it can handle pretty well and is amateur-friendly. All of the wheels can be turned to ensure that you can get out of any difficult terrain. You can also choose between three distinct driving modes.

The interior of the Shaman offers unprecedented luxury and comfort to both passengers and the driver, with enough space to comfortably sit 1+8 passengers. There are two configurations available for the ATV; Tourist that has 8 seating spaces, and Hunter with benches instead of seats that convert to beds for 4 people. The dashboard offers an amazing number of features that are friendly for the driver despite looking complicated at first. What is special about the vehicle is the position of the driver, with a single front seat located in the middle of the interior. This gives easy access to utility controls also thanks to the three-dimensional adjustable seat.