Bell & Ross - BR Bird

Bell & Ross - BR Bird - TheArsenale

After designing their motorcycle and car, Bell & Ross return with an amazing plane built for the Reno Air Races in Nevada.


Created in 1924, this event combines some of the bravest pilots in the world riding some of the most agile aircraft. Flying at full speed and at low altitudes, the planes go between pylons in an acrobatic showdown of aerial moves. To match the high requirements of this competition, Bell & Ross created the BR-Bird.


This incredible machine is a creation of Bell & Ross' co-founder and creative director, Bruno Belamich. The modern airplane features an athletic body built out of graphite, fiberglass, titanium and aluminum alloy; making it ultra lightweight. Its single-seat layout makes for an elegant body that is easily manouvered around the tight pylons. To power this amazing aircraft, a V12 Rolls Royce Falcon engine developed on a Merlin base was chosen. It has more than enough power to throw the aircraft around in complicated movements.