Bentley Continental GT - Ultratank

Bentley Continental GT - Ultratank - TheArsenale

This Bentley Continental GT looks very much like the work of Rain Prisk. But it's actually not, it's a real thing. We don't know how it happened, we just know somewhere in Russia; this crazy mechanic called AcademeG thought that putting tank treads on a Bentley was a great idea. And God do we agree with that.

He and his friends running their channel decided to buy the cheapest Continental GT that was a money pit. It had a toilet roll of a list of needed repairs and workin on the W12 certainly is not cheap. While under the hood everything was beat to death, the interior was actually immaculate. That's all they needed for their crazy idea. 

To make it happen, the created an ingenuous open differential system that delivers power to one track while stopping the other, making turns possible. The car's body was then mounted atop a steel tube frame and the engine was swapped with a bulletproof Toyota 4.3L V8. Steering, check. Supercar acceleration, check. Brakes? Uhm, null. It's not a finished project so stopping this landyacht on tracks is a bit of a mysterious challenge. One thing is for sure though, it is the most exciting custom Bentley we have ever seen.