Bugatti Chiron 4x4 Concept by Rain Prisk

Bugatti Chiron 4x4 Concept by Rain Prisk - TheArsenale

The Bugatti Chiron 4X4 Concept is the fruit of the imagination of the Estonian designer Rain Prisk who's made multiple appearances here.

He imagined a terrain version of a super sports car with 1,500 horsepower that would otherwise never leave the asphalt road. This imaginary Chiron is considerably raised from the ground, has a well-maintained suspension on the ground, huge terrain tires, roof racks, and even a winch. Unfortunately, this is just an idea and a computer-made picture but we can still imagine how cool Bugatti Chiron would be when driven through muddy backroads covered in grime. There is no doubt that when Bugatti created their Chiron they never had in mind to transform it into an off-road supercar.

Just imagine a 2 million supercar in the mud, it sounds  a little bit rough doesn't it? Well Rain Prisk is there to feed your eyes things that only your imagination has the privilege of conceptualizing. One thing we clearly know the chances are really low for this to be seen in a close future.