Billy the Electric BMX

Billy the Electric BMX - TheArsenale

Meet Billy. Billy wants to change the way we see electric bikes. The project started when Enki took a good look at the e-bike market and noticed a disturbing pattern; the odd shapes and lack of fun factor. 

Instead of making just another commuter bike, Enki wanted to create something entertaining. Remembering the joyrides of their childhoods, they decided that the BMX platform would be perfect to electrify and bring into the 21st century. The simplicity of the BMX allowed them to perfect the design of the bike so it doesn't strafe away from it's entertaining roots. It also offers useful features for the modern commuter, such as a USB charging port for your smartphone. Billy can also be folded for easy transportation and storage. 

Billy has been built with quality in mind and each component is meticulously crafted to offer the strength and reliability of a traditional BMX. The wide BMX bars and responsive throttle give you confidence while riding it, ensuring maximum control over your ride. By using a carbon belt drive, they have cut maintenance costs and increased longevity significantly. The high torque hub motor is designed for fat tire bikes and is paired to relatively smaller wheels; giving Billy quicker acceleration and a better climbing ability for off-road rides. You can customize the level of power from 1-5, allowing you to limit power and top-speed to the desired levels. Built out of lightweight aluminum, the bike is easy to handle and toss around. 

The Billy BMX is currently up for funding on Kickstarter and you can purchase it with an early bird discount by clicking HERE. Because it is built to meet USA electric bike regulations, you might want to check out your country's specific regulations beforehand. If you're in the US however, you can order this joyride and have it delivered to you by June 2018.