BMW Motorrad DC Vision Roadster

BMW Motorrad DC Vision Roadster - TheArsenale

As BMW progressively aims towards electrifying their car lineup, their motorcycle division doesn't seem to be lacking either. Exploring with their design and heritage, they have created a futuristic design that does not stray too far from its origins.

In order to maintain the boxer engine horns that are a characteristic of their bikes, BMW Motorrad have decided to shape the cooling system in a fashion that resembles their iconic side bulges. Also, the hors bump out slightly when the motorcycle is started to indicate that the beast is ready to prowl. The rest of the bike seems to be wrapped around the powerful engine, giving massive visual weight to the center of the bike.

We're sure that BMW is not releasing a bike like this but it is good to taste the future of the Bavarian motorcycles. Even if they look remotely like this, they're bound to look like asphalt munchers.