BMW R nineT GS ‘6Days66’ by Unique Custom Cycles

BMW R nineT GS ‘6Days66’ by Unique Custom Cycles - TheArsenale

The BMW R nineT is just the Air Jordan among the engines: countless versions have been made by BMW itself and countless more by custom manufacturers. The latest is the BMW R nineT Urban GS ‘6Days66’ by Unique Custom Cycles.

The vintage-looking Scrambler is still popular in a time when there is an engine for every kind of rider. The custom R nineT by Unique Custom Cycles is again some eye candy for scrambler lovers, paying homage the R 80 G / S from the '80s. The Swedish makers have done a nice job.

First, the two-seater saddle has been removed and a custom mudguard has been installed. Furthermore, you can clearly see a custom frame, new suspensions and shock absorbers for a somewhat more aggressive posture. The Swedish builder also gave the bike a Retro43 fork and STX46 rear mono which makes it even cooler and aggressive for any case.

‘’Undoubtedly, the ‘6Days66’ have been one of the most successful builds that we have ever accomplished’’, says the Unique Custom Cycles crew. We think it actually is and they have created something undisputed and they deserve all the compliments they can get.