BMW R100 Tracker HP by Fuel Motorcycles

BMW R100 Tracker HP by Fuel Motorcycles - TheArsenale

This BMW R100 was built by Fuel Motorcycles for Dave, a customer who was part of their desert adventure; the Scram Africa 2017. Dave's bike broke down during the race and he then handed it over to Fuel Motorcycles to get some repairs and upgrades done.

Fuel closely worked with Dave to choose the aesthetic of the bike and they both decided on a dirt tracker one. The concept that was presented to him featured a high exhaust pipe, a solo seat, and a compact tank. However, the aesthetics are not the only thing that Fuel wanted to improve on the bike so they installed a new BMW K75 front fork, a new brake system, Mikuni carburetors, rear Ohlins suspension, K&N Air Filters and much, much more.

The looks of the bike have been greatly improved by the plethora of custom parts that were machined by a specialist. It is a long list of parts that includes a speedo holder, bracket indicators, and a few fixing screws in bronze for both the front and the rear. Other handmade parts include the high exhaust, the tubular structure under the seat, rear frame, aluminum number side panels, and much more. 

After 5 months of work, Fuel finished the bike and took it to their happy customer.