Prototypes of the Bugatti Bolide, a wild track car, are currently being evaluated in preparation for deliveries in 2024. The recently approved final design closely resembles the concept unveiled in 2020, which was never intended for production. The production version retains many of the concept's features, with some modifications such as a more prominent roof scoop, fewer fins, and the addition of side mirrors. The aerodynamic package can be adjusted for high-downforce or low-drag configurations, and the front of the car lowers when braking to increase downforce.

The Bolide features a unique carbon-fiber monocoque with an integrated roll cage, along with bespoke cooling, transmission, and suspension systems. Its turbocharged 8.0-liter W-16 engine delivers 1,578 horsepower on 98-octane fuel and can reach 1,824 horsepower with 110-octane racing fuel. The engine is designed for track use, with all four turbochargers constantly operational. The car is equipped with carbon-ceramic brakes and specially designed calipers to manage heat. Michelin racing slicks, similar to those used in the FIA World Endurance Championship, wrap around the 18-inch wheels.

Bugatti aims to achieve a dry weight of under 3,200 pounds for the Bolide, and its performance is expected to be on par with top motorsport levels. Despite its hefty price tag of 4 million euros (approximately $4.3 million), all 40 build slots have been filled. The Bolide represents Bugatti's commitment to pushing boundaries by challenging conventional design and engineering constraints, resulting in an exceptional track car that showcases cutting-edge technology and aerodynamic prowess.