Cake Unveils New Backcountry Offroading Bike

Cake Unveils New Backcountry Offroading Bike - TheArsenale

Cake has been releasing some of the most impressive electric motorcycles lately and now their lineup is enriched with a backcountry bike based on the Kalk Or.

The new Kalk Ink comes with a simplified suspension and heavier wheels to handle rougher riding. It also uses the same frame, swingarm, drivetrain, and battery. The power digits for this bike are quite impressive at a blistering 280 Nm of torque at the wheel and a top speed of over 80 km/h. The 11-kW motor is paired to a 51.8-V/50-Ah removable battery giving you up to three hours of endurance riding, as always dependant on your riding style. 

The Ink uses 19-inch aluminum rims paired with deep grooved, knobby tires for extreme traction in off-road conditions. It has a 30 cm ground clearance and up to 205 mm of suspension travel thanks to the upside-down MX spring forks upfront. It weighs a feathery 55kg with the battery adding only 17 kg to the mass of the bike. Three modes are available; Explore, which limits the speed to 45 km/h for an extensive riding period, Excite mode which provides more power and up to two hours of riding and Excel mode which basically opens the gates to all the power of the bike at the expense of battery life which would at best last you over an hour. 

The Kalk Ink comes at $9,500 with a single battery or you can go all-in and purchase an extra battery for $12,500. We expect to see the bike shipping in June and we are excited to discover its full potential on the trails.