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Meet the Cake Ösa+, an innovatively engineered electric motorcycle synonymous with performance and adaptability. This high-performance utility machine is your complete workbench on wheels, offering top speeds of over 56 mph and an impressive mileage of up to 68 miles. Powerful, lightweight, and tailor-made to suit individual requirements, the Ösa+ shifts the paradigm of commuting. With a 3.5 kWh battery and a peak power of 9kW, the bike deftly balances power with sustainability.

Customization and Versatility

The Ösa+ is designed with versatility at heart, available with over a thousand accessory combinations that can be easily clamped onto the bike's unique frame. From top boxes and passenger seats to surf racks and more, the customization possibilities are endless. The Ösa+ evolves with your changing needs, whether for commuting, recreational endeavors, or business needs. It truly is a transformer on wheels, reflecting your unique personality and preferences.

Durability and Performance

Equipped with a class-leading, powerful battery, the Ösa+ ensures power-packed performance while providing the facility to charge your electronic devices. With a nimble total weight starting from 192 lbs, the motorcycle guarantees exceptional driving dynamics. The Ösa+ entwines durability with performance, offering a superior power-to-weight ratio and a silent yet sturdy Gates belt drive. The model also features a proprietary suspension system and custom-designed lightweight motorcycle rims for a soothing ride on all terrains.

Award-Winning Technology

The Cake Ösa+ is not merely a bicycle; it's an embodiment of technology, emphasizing user experience and convenience. The bike features multiple riding and braking modes that can be customized via the Cake Connect app, turning your biking experience into a digitally interactive one. This highly advanced electric motorcycle has also been showered with numerous accolades, such as the German Design Awards and the Paris Design Award. In essence, the Cake Ösa+ exists at the intersection of innovation and design, driving the electric motorcycle realm into tomorrow.


Battery 3.5kWh

Power 9kW

Top Speed +56 mph (90km/h)

Range 68 miles (110km)

License M1

Weight 72kg

  • $ 11,470.00