1979 Honda CBX1000 CRSS #4

1979 Honda CBX1000 CRSS #4 - TheArsenale

Mention the CBX1000 to any motorcycling enthusiast and you will instantly notice a sparkle in their eyes. During its short production run of only 3 years, Honda put out one of the best sport touring motorcycles the world has ever seen. One of the most unique characteristics was the engine, a 6-cylinder powerplant with silky smooth power delivery and instant responsiveness. So what do happens when a custom motorcycle shop in San Sebastian gets their hand on a mint 1979 CBX1000 with low mileage? The pinnacle of their work, CRSS #4 was born.

The team behind Cafe Racer SSpirit had a very clear idea when starting their build on the CBX1000. They wanted to create a clean and refined custom motorcycle, without deviating too much from the original purpose of the motorcycle. In order to keep the streamlined look of the motorcycle, wires and other electronic gimmicks have been fitted away from the naked eye. There has been a huge emphasis on the small details to keep the bike looking as clean as possible. Biltwell grips are used on top of Rizoma handlebars, with a Bates headlight and Motogadget instrument cluster; making for a very clean and neat front-end. The subframe was shortened and replaced with a shortened U section, with an elegant CRSS handmade seat sitting atop the slick frame. Refurbished Comstar wheels were then fitted to further contribute to the clean, factory look of the bike.

Within the engine, nothing has been changed from the smooth 6-cylinder engine, but the filters have been custom made to fit the elegant silhouette of the bike. Carefully sitting in the rear-end of the bike is a handmade GR exhaust. One can only imagine the beautiful sound it releases once you twist the throttle. The suspension has been reworked and high-performance Öhlins shock absorbers have been installed. An upside down fork by Suzuki has been installed in the front together with Tokico calipers to complete the ride comfort treatment.

It certainly does not look overdone, nor heavily customized. This bike has clean, subtle upgrades to improve it's look and performance without losing it's true identity; a supersport icon of the 80's. If you are searching for the coolest looking and sounding motorcycle; look no further. The CBX1000 CRSS #4 is up for purchase on TheArsenale marketplace.