Chanel x Pharrell Williams - Veldt Helmets

Chanel x Pharrell Williams - Veldt Helmets - TheArsenale

As part of their newest collection, Chanel and Pharrell Williams have released their long awaited collaboration that seems to drift away from the image that Chanel has guarded for such a long time. The whole collection was created under the supervision of the great Mr. Lagerfeld before his passing away so it is certainly not a direction that the brand will take.

Instead, it is an exploration of the connection Williams has with the brand. They allowed him to fully express himself, giving him absolute freedom in his creations. The vibes of Chanel are barely felt through the collaboration which might have been the purpose of it, the haute couture house just let Williams do his thing with little to no interruption. Part of this colorful collection is a plethora of Veldt helmets, coming in many different colors and designs that boost the colorful collaboration.