Citroën, the French automaker, has unveiled a new concept called Autonomous Mobility Vision that aims to reimagine urban travel in China. The concept revolves around a self-driving, all-electric platform called Citroën Skate, which is combined with three different pods to cater to a variety of driving experiences. The Skate has a top speed of 25km/h and is capable of operating 24/7 through induction charging or regular electric charging. The overarching goal of the concept is to integrate autonomous driving technology, urban travel, and eco-friendly mobility.

The first pod is the Citroën Cozy Capsule, which provides a warm and enclosed driving experience for two people. The capsule's interior features eggshell designed seats and gentle sunrise mood lighting, while the exterior has a crystal-like shell inspired by French perfume bottles.

The second pod, called Citroën Immersive Air, is designed for larger groups and has a lounge seating area with entertainment features such as surround sound, 4K displays, and flow mood lighting. The exterior has a dark purple color scheme and a large sliding glass door.

The third pod is the Citroën Wander Cafe, which has a minimalist, open-air design that allows passengers to enjoy the city breeze. The two-person seating configuration and 360-degree open-view design make this pod perfect for short commutes. The floating ceiling and curved cushion design of the seats provide a unique and comfortable experience.

Citroën's Autonomous Mobility Vision is a new approach to mobility that offers various pods to suit the needs of urban commuters. The concept combines autonomous driving technology, urban travel, and eco-friendliness, making it a glimpse into the future of transportation.

📷: Citroën