Continental Collaborates with Genesis for new 3D Dash

Continental Collaborates with Genesis for new 3D Dash - TheArsenale

Looking at the dashboards of cars of the latest years, it is very rare to find analog gauges in there. All dashboards have been replaced by screen, some going as far as turning the entire dashboard in an ultra-mega-super-wide screen that displays information to the driver.

This trend lead to the surprising collaboration between Continental and Genesis to develop a new dashboard. Unlike others, the display offers 3D capabilities without requiring glasses. It does this by exploiting the parallax effect, projecting two images on slightly offset perspectives. To line them up perfectly, a camera detects the driver's sight to adjust it to perfection. We expect to see the debut of this new dashboard in the Genesis GV80 luxury SUV and the team behind it is already working on the next generation with the added capability of playing 3D movies to which we say; why?