Sail swiftly on the water like a hydrofoil and then descend to explore the seafloor up to 50 meters deep like a futuristic ecological submarine. DeepSeaker DS2 by iSpace2o may sound like an unattainable fantasy, but it will soon come true.

The business has already begun prototyping its DeepSeaker DS1 submersible hydrofoil experimental model. Based on earlier engineering developments, the new DS2 version has a cutting-edge design created by renowned Italian architect Giancarlo Zema. An amazing vehicle with gentle, tapering forms, comfortable accommodations, and a promise to evoke powerful feelings at sea.

Up to 4 persons can fit in the cabin in a 2+2 vehicle configuration. The DeepSeaker DS2 will be propelled through the water at speeds greater than 35 knots by Sealence's two strong DeepSpeed electric motors. These motors are assisted by retractable foils that may be deployed at the surface and retracted below. The strengthened hull of the DeepSeaker can be navigated, and it can roll and leap like an airplane.

Trial tests for the DeepSeaker DS2 began at the end of the previous year. Before a complete certification, a period of fine-tuning will be necessary.  iSpace2o hopes to have the green light by 2024.

📷: iSpace2o