Devinci Cars


Despite being few in number, French car artisans are not short on inspiration. Devinci is evidence of this; they make elegant automobiles that seem like they belong in the 1920s, but they gamble on driving enjoyment rather than tremendous power. Since the motor is electric, it operates quietly.

Devinci Cars was started in 2016 by the award-wining French auto racing driver Jean-Philippe Dayraut. A dedicated individual with an amazing path who combined his career as a professional racing driver with that of a designer and builder.

In 2022 they announced the DB 721. It is available with 4 different models all of them limited. The most extreme in the line-up is Eugenie. An electric classic built from the ground up in order to offer the driver the best experience possible. Only 5 examples will be built with a price tag of 200,000€. 

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