Diamond Atelier x Bridgestone R nineT EICMA Special

Diamond Atelier x Bridgestone R nineT EICMA Special - TheArsenale

Contacted by Bridgestone just a few months before the 2017 EICMA in Milan, Diamond Atelier initially refused due to the numerous tasks at hand; there simply was no time. However, they did push things a bit around and decided to go for it and boy are we happy they did. 

Bridgestone didn't define any rules, laws or inspirations; DA was free to do whatever they liked to the new BMW R nineT. Being comissioned by them, it was clear that the focus would be the tires; in this case a prototype set of 2018 Battlax Bridgestones. They wanted to mount Gilles forged wheels but the tight timing made it impossible so they put an insane amount of work into milling and CNC machining a front S1000RR wheel and a R1200R rear wheel. The rest of the build was as smooth as a hot knife through butter. A pair of Gilles handlebars, rear sets and frame covers were installed. The elegant rear is made out of an original BMW aluminum piece that was cut and slimmed down to match the thinner profile of the bike and also its unique paintjob. A slimmer seat was installed and it was upholstered in cowhide leather with the factory pattern. 

One of the most impressive details about the bike remains the front. Tom Konecny of DA decided to go with a 3D printed front; which they are continously testing and improving. For this build; it was the perfect choice; an aggressive flowing shape that connects the front to the back of the bike seamlessly. So where are the headlights? Hidden in the air intakes; out of plain sight because this is not a common bike. Browse the Diamond Atelier garage on TheArsenale by clicking HERE!

Pictures by Lukas Magerl & Julian Webber