Ducati 848 Neo-Racer by Smoked Garage

Ducati 848 Neo-Racer by Smoked Garage - TheArsenale

Smoked Garage is a motorcycle workshop in Indonesia; father of this beautiful creation dubbed the Ducati 848 Neo-Racer. 

The bike is based on a 2015 Ducati Streetfighter 848 that was later covered in a futuristic bodywork. Initially the bike started as a 2D drawing to clearly define the shapes and silhouette of the Neo-Racer. Later, a 3D model of the motorcycle was moulded using foam to create a vision for the future build. After the 3D model was built, the most complicated process of the build was started; shaping the bespoke, hand-beaten aluminium bodywork. The front of the bike sees one of the most unconventional designs for a front fender, covering nearly the whole front wheel. This shape creates an aggressive silhouette as if the bike wants to eat asphalt. Built with a huge amount of attention paid to detail, a 7-man crew worked 12 hours a day for a month to create the sculpted lines of the Neo-Racer. Building was not the only issue at hand, so the body was then tested and fitted for two weeks to create the ultimate fit. 

A breathtaking detail of the bike is the paint; the lack of it. The whole body is raw, polished aluminium. All the reflections you see around the bike are natural, not some kind of glossy paint. To further detail the Neo-Racer, Smoked Garage painted blue lines around the edges of the body to put an emphasis on the subtle aggressive looks of the bike. Due to the raw aluminium, the paint wouldn't stick so the stripes were painted on twice. Aluminium however is not the only material used on the bike.

The frame has been reinforced with carbon fiber paneling to ensure rigidity and strength. Thanks to the complexity of CNC machining, the seat has an upper and lower section supported by billet aluminum. The airbox is elegantly covered in polished alloy with a special tank mounted above it. Paired with lightweight Ducati alloy wheels finished in blue wrapped by Metzeler tires; the Neo-Racer creates an impressive blend of colors and materials. The lighting in the front and rear is managed by a Motogadget M-unit. A Motoscope Pro digital dashboard is installed in the front to maintain a clean look. Grips, switches and indicators were also made from Motogadget. 

A plethora of materials and colors overlay this gorgeous motorcycle that took nine months to build. Shades of blue, carbon fiber and raw aluminum define the aggressive lines and looks of the Neo-Racer. It is not a conventional looking motorcycle; nor does it strive to be so. It is a way of showing what Smoked Garage is capable of doing.