Dune by Eugeni Quitllet

Dune by Eugeni Quitllet - TheArsenale

2019 German Design Award winner project ‘’Dune’’ by Eugeni Quitllet is a glaring example of how new leading ideas make their own way toward success. Such as the notorious David Lynch movie, inspired a totally new genre in his industry, the Dune is going to be the first boat of its type: it is, in fact, an hybrid between a sail boat and a motor boat, something nobody ever built before.

Catalan designer characterized its latest project with a slender silhouette and refined features such as rose gold finishes. The 60 meters long boat will be able to host up to 12 guests in six royal staterooms.

What makes this vehicle completely unique is the open air control cabin, designed on purpose to make the pilot feel like on an extraordinary oasis in the middle of the sea. Feelings of the human at the drive are in fact the priority and the core of the project: the Sahara desert inspired smooth lines of the upper deck are specifically designed to generate a sense of tranquillity and it actually seems to work.

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