E-Raw by ESSENCE Motocycles

E-Raw by ESSENCE Motocycles - TheArsenale

It takes just a glance to realize that the E-Raw is like nothing else on the road. From the wooden curvature that smoothly replaces the fuel tank to the pure functional design.

As the name suggests, the E-Raw is a raw electric motorcycle aimed at performance. While it may sound like nothing at all; the complete silence efficiently masks the sheer performance of the motorcycle. The 101.1kWh battery has a peak power of 80kW, with a CCS quick-charging system that will boost up the bike for another good 185 km of range in half an hour. Using a Pymco battery pack, the E-Raw can climb to speeds of 0-100 in 3.5 seconds, with a limited top speed of 154 km/h. Other components of the motorcycle are of the highest-grade; with Ohlins suspension, brakes by Beringer, Renthal bars and 17" rims by Excel. 

ESSENCE Motocycles have continued to follow their pure design language and choice of materials. The bike is covered in wood, steel and aluminum; all of which is clearly visible. Instead of the conventional fuel tank, the seat is incorporated into the design of the upper frame. Using traditional techniques of traditional surfboard shaping; the seat has been shaped out of plywood into a smooth curve that elegantly defines the look of the motorcycle. Instead of plain old gauges, a smartphone mount allows you to connect your device which will then display speed, range and other information. 

The E-Raw will not be a mass produced motorcycle; being limited to 10 units. Each motorcycle will be tailored according to the owner's preferences. The bike is unlike anything on the road; and the silent performance will stun anyone who barely hears you passing by.