Electric Flying Car Racing is Right Around the Corner

Electric Flying Car Racing is Right Around the Corner - TheArsenale

Creating a fleet of manned multicopter cars, Airspeeder wants to bring an entirely new discipline of racing to light. They aim to have their first racing league in 2020, leaving us thrilled for the year to come. 

Airspeeder wants to push forward VTOL technology and their constant research has lead them to the Mk4 Speeder. Bearing similarities to the jet age sports cars of the late 50s and 60s, the Mk4 is an advanced multicopter that will take its flesh and blood pilot at speeds of up to 200 km/h. The single seater will use a 500 kWh battery that will provide incredible power. Combined with the lightweight carbon fiber chassis, Airspeeder claims they can achieve a jet fighter like power to weight ratio. Their 60" propellers are powered by eight 50 kW electrical motors which are capable of running for 15 minutes before requiring a pit-stop. 

It is very exciting to see a new racing discipline emerge, especially in a peaked niche such as motorsports. With the limitations of battery technology and the fairly short power supply, it is quite a challenge to see how they will play off the seemingly short-lived, high-thrill runs of electrical multicopters.