The Microlino Lite is redefining urban transportation, offering a fresh, innovative approach to navigating through city streets. Unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show, this compact vehicle is designed to elevate the urban driving experience. It boasts a top speed of 45 km/h and an impressive maximum range of 177 km, making it the perfect companion for daily city commutes and leisurely explorations alike. With the ability to accommodate two passengers alongside a trunk spacious enough for one large check-in and two cabin-sized suitcases, the Microlino Lite blends practicality with convenience, setting a new standard in the L6e category for vehicles requiring an AM driver's license, available to individuals from the age of 14, depending on the country.

What sets the Microlino Lite apart is not just its technical specifications but its design philosophy. Born in Switzerland and made in Italy, it embodies the essence of Dolce Vita with an openable sunroof that invites the outside world in, offering a driving experience like no other. Its unique front door concept facilitates easy cross-parking between cars, promising an end to the tiresome hunt for parking spaces. This design innovation underscores a broader commitment to not only improving individual journeys but to enhancing urban livability by addressing common challenges of city driving.

Safety is paramount in the design of the Microlino Lite. It pioneers the use of a self-supporting steel unibody, a first in its class, which significantly enhances both safety and driving behavior over the tubular frames traditionally used in similar vehicle categories. This commitment to safety, combined with its environmental benefits and stylish, functional design, positions the Microlino Lite as a frontrunner in the movement towards sustainable, efficient, and enjoyable urban mobility. As cities continue to grow and search for eco-friendly transportation solutions, the Microlino Lite stands out as a visionary model, promising a greener, more accessible urban future.