Embraer Manhattan Jet

Embraer Manhattan Jet - TheArsenale

Inspired by the most sophisticated city on Earth; New York, this new jet by Embraer brings a unique blend of technology with a classic Art Deco styling inside.

Based on the popular Lineage 1000E platform, it offers an amazing amount of space for accommodation and entertainment alike. The different zones of the jet have been named appropriately. The Cloud Club is the luxury lounge with Chrysler building inspired decoration, where guests can meet and hang out. Inside the lounge you can find a cosmopolitan style bar, retractable bar stools, vintage sconces and a mohair/lambskin divan.  Dining is made in The Crystal Room, an enclave with six seating spaces for a stylish dining experience. All of the details of the Manhattan involve a unique selection of premium materials such as  wood flooring, rich accents and brass detailing. Overall, the Manhattan Jet offers a timeless elegance with a grand, iconic style. 

The easily configurable layout of the Lineage 1000E platform has been ingeniously used to create the most stylish executive jet experience possible. Performance wise, the jet offers a considerably low cost of operation when compared to other jets of the same caliber. It also has a fly-by-wire cockpit, the largest walk-in baggage compartment and many others. If paying for exclusivity leaves you thirsty for style; the Manhattan Executive Jet will quench the thirst for both style and comfort without any compromises.