Storyteller Overland's HILT is the ideal vehicle for adventurers seeking comfort, luxury, and ruggedness in a all-in-one package. This off-road champion comes equipped with an innovative vacuum-infused resin composite strengthened with carbon fiber and Kevlar® reinforcements. HILT operates on a RAM® 5500 chassis that boasts a powerful 6.7 L diesel engine. A sustainable 1325W solar-powered system, together with a 16.8 kWh lithium-ion M-Power System controlled by Lithionics®, and two 3000W inverters, ensures constant power supply whether you're in the middle of a desert or atop a snowy mountain. The vehicle also features a proprietary Zero Torsion Subframe for enhanced stability, and a specially tuned active hydraulic smart suspension system by LiquidSpring®.

The HILT is packed with advanced technology that brings innovation and convenience to off-road trips. For example, it includes an Energy System that uses impressive 16.8 kWh M-Power System (powered by Lithionics) and two 3000-watt inverters. This energy system is ready to power any adventure. Also, a significant feature is its solar power; the HILT comes with 1325 watts of solar panels on its roof that will significantly boost battery life during the day. Its outdoor adventure features are unprecedented, with proprietary lighting involving a selection of KC HiLiTES® for ensured visibility in darkest trails.

Stepping inside the HILT, you're welcomed by a refined interior designed to soothe your senses. A spa-like environment with a combination of modern, sustainable materials and a blend of warm tones along with comfortable seating sets the tone for relaxation. It features a well-equipped kitchen with a stainless steel convection oven, microwave, and air-fryer, plus a robust 1800-watt dual burner induction cooktop. It also sports a spacious wet bath that is 6 feet and 5 inches in height, with an onboard supply 120 gallons freshwater. Not forgetting about a cozy and comfortable dinette that doubles as an extra bed at night and provides comfortable seating for four to five adults during day-time. With the HILT, your off-road adventures just got a lot more luxurious.