Ferox Azaris

Ferox Azaris - TheArsenale

Low-key, Ferox Advanced Vehicles suddenly came up with the Azaris, a monster on six wheels that promises a complete change in the off-road industry. The futuristic look with its chassis and special suspension system look interesting, but then you haven’t seen how he gets when it comes to driving it.

Each of the four wheels at the rear has its own engine, driven by a hydraulic fluid that consists of 95 percent water. The result is that the Azaris has the same pulling power as a full-fledged pickup truck. And that for four engines that weigh only 25 kilos each. To drive these engines, again you can choose from a partial or complete electric drive.

And best of all: this concept goes from Ferox immediately 1 to 1 production.  Troy Wheeler the company CEO has given a full interview about the technology that has been used with Azaries. Main things that he mentions were the unique structure and the engines of the Azaris by saying: "This is a very unique structure, and obviously there's a lot of intellectual property in that," Wheeler says, highlighting the fact that the motors can be paired with essentially any conventional wheel design, potentially making them a "plug-and-play" solution. Of course, this masterpiece woun't be cheap with a price somewhere around $500k according to the company.

 Every component is hand built and of course, the production is expensive. That money will be used in further R&D at Ferox, according to Wheeler, with the goal of making an even upgraded Azaris which is another crazy idea of the company Ferox Advanced Vehicles Corporation.