Fly Off to Your Offroad Adventure with The SkyRunner

Fly Off to Your Offroad Adventure with The SkyRunner - TheArsenale

The SkyRunner is one of the most exciting recreational vehicles ever made. Based on a buggy platform, the vehicle is a versatile off-road machine that allows you to fly over your obstacles no matter the conditions. Whether it's snow, dirt or air, the SkyRunner can simply fly over it.


Built on top of a hybrid composite chassis, the SkyRunner offers durability without sacrificing performance. Chromoly steel tubing has been reinforced with carbon fiber composites to create a lightweight hybrid space frame that guarantees protection on any terrain. It uses a Rotax powerplant with 115 hp and a Powerfin propeller that ensures a speed of 40 mph in the air and a regulated altitude of 10,000 feet. Thanks to the wide open body and chassis, the pilot can see the world from a low-flying bird's eye view. 

skyrunner take-off

An aggressive and sporty look characterizes the SkyRunner with its sculpted exterior and exposed tubular exoskeleton. It features wide open spaces that ensure a thrilling driving experience that will get your heart pumping as soon as you take flight. Thanks to the inverted double wishbone suspension the SkyRunner has great handling on all-terrain conditions. Once you take-off, the flight controls are very simple. It has a simple two-piece control set with a left and right steering toggles and a throttle pedal. You can learn to drive the SkyRunner with just 12 hours of training, less than any other type of aircraft. 

skyrunner controls

If you're looking for an exhilarating experience that will make you grip the seats like never before, get the SkyRunner. You'll get the effectiveness of a lightweight off-road buggy with the bonus of flying. Not only is it easy to drive, it seems like the most possible fun you could have in the air. 

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