Ford Challenges Tesla with the F-Vision Semi Concept

Ford Challenges Tesla with the F-Vision Semi Concept - TheArsenale

Ford F-Vision was unveiled lately by IAA Commercial Vehicles show in Germany and according to ford's designer, the F-vision comes from comic book characters. The F-Vision concept is prototyped and designed by Ford's Turkish design center. For the moment this is still a concept and it doesn't seem to be anywhere close to bringing this truck to production. 


The truck has an adaptable windshield that automatically tints to counteract the sun’s brightness to maximize the driver's view on the road. Ford designed this truck in such a way that it could either be driven by a driver or operate on its own for different purposes. The F-Vision is optimized for safety. Thanks to interactive front end the truck can display different designs and communication methods. "F-vision is the first concept truck that we can prepare for the future. Stay tuned to get to know our concept tool F-Vision which is designed with the vision of the Turkish designers and engineers who shape the future.'' These were the words of Ford's Turkish truck subsidiary which unveiled the concept of the truck.


Ford also have noted that F-Vision is meant to feature Level 4 self-driving capabilities. It is interesting to see big names in the industry pay attention at autonomous technology and vehicles, even in its larger forms. The US has one of the world's most intricate freight transportation systems by road trucks so these solutions might change the way an entire nation moves stuff.